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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Marie Kondo has all of us running to our closets and purging pieces that don’t spark joy. While we appreciate her advice, lack of joy isn’t the only motivation you should use in tidying up those shelves.

Let’s talk trends to ditch for 2019 and what you can replace them with!

YOU DON’T FIT? YOU’RE GONE. The oversized and baggy silhouettes we saw in 2018 are being replaced with a more structured, sleek look. While we will always be a fan of certain oversized pieces (#sweaters) we love seeing the clean lines that 2019 is bringing in.

DENIM JACKETS I know this Is a tough one to hear! I trust that our ever-loving denim jacket trend will circle back around but for now, this one seems to have run its course. Replace your favorite blue jean baby with a velvet blazer.

SKINNY JEANS No more organ crushing jeans! This season we are seeing way more straight leg or cropped flare options. You’re welcome.

BELL SLEEVES It was fun while it lasted but these sleeves have had their moment in the sun. Let’s all do a happy dance that we won’t have to deal with them getting caught in our coat sleeves until they make their resurgence. Get rid of the extra fabric that would often get in the way and go for a more fitted sleeve.

SKY HIGH HEELS There is a comfy shoe movement this year and I am loving it! Heels will always be in fashion so keep your classics but feel free to ditch the ones you dread putting on your feet. Limping around for the night because of your sore toes will never be a cute look…

CUT IT OUT If you have tops that have no shoulders, say goodbye to them immediately. There are fun ways to incorporate alternatives into your wardrobe like shirts with great button details.

NET BUCKET HANDBAGS Go ahead and give these back to Grandma. The loop handled handback is a fresh and flirty style that I am seeing everywhere for Spring.

TINY SUNNIES Unless you are Kendall Jenner, throw these to the curb. Instead, invest in something more classic that you will get more use out of. Also, keep an eye out for mirrored lenses…they are making a serious comeback in 2019.

EMBELLISHED DENIM We did a lot to our denim last year. They went through the ringer…and by ringer I mean every embellishment under the sun from fringe to patches to studs. This year, let’s keep it clean and embrace the glory that is good ol’ classic denim.

What trends are you most excited about in 2019? Are there some on this list that you are sad to say goodbye to? Always remember that your personal style and comfort is what’s important. I love bringing the hottest trends into the shop while mixing in classic staples we all need. Wear what you love because that my friend, is always on trend.


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